Why use External Style Sheets?

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Why use External Style Sheets?

Post by asianmart8471 on Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:09 pm

When building a website there are several advantages to placing your CSS rules in a separate style sheet.

All of your web pages can share the same style sheet. This is achieved by using the <link> element on each HTML page of your site to link to the same CSS document. This means that the same code does not need to be
repeated in every page (which results in less code and smaller HTML pages).

Therefore, once the user has downloaded the CSS stylesheet, the rest of the site will load faster. If you want to make a change to how your site appears, you only need to edit the one CSS file and all of your pages will be updated. For example, you can change the style of every <h1> element by altering

the one CSS style sheet, rather than changing the CSS rules on every page. The HTML code will be easier to read and edit because it does not have lots of CSS rules in the same document. It is generally considered good
practice to have the content of the site separated from the rules that determine how it appears.



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